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Leg Problems in Broilers

by Miller Hatcheries

The raising of heavy meat birds can lead to leg problems due to the rapid weight gain of this particular breed of chicken. Over the years, this has become a great concern with the primary breeders and as yet, no one solution to this problem has been diagnosed. We have developed a few recommended methods which may help minimize this problem.
  • Chicks or turkeys should never be started on paper or any other slippery surface.
  • After your broilers are 10 days old, move the waterers near one end of the building and the feeders near the other end. This keeps your birds moving around and helps reduce leg problems.
It is very important that your birds feel comfortable.
  • We find that in over 90% of the cases where people encounter severe leg problems, they are cleaning their brooder house quite frequently. This is not recommended.
  • Until the birds are moved out, the original litter should be left on the floor and any fresh litter should just be added on top of the already existing litter. This existing litter can be dried out by the use of hydrated lime and frequent stirring
  • Never use white lights for lighting during the brooding period.