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Brooding with Infra Red Lamps

It is the light rays from the heat lamp that gives the warmth to the birds. There are three important things that have to be remembered in brooding with heat lamps:
  1. Put in a room heater and use it every time it is necessary to bring room temperature up to 75-80 degrees. This could be in the daytime or in the night time. To brood baby chicks, the room temperature must be at least 75 degrees and then the heat lamps will do their job.
  2. The heat lamp must be 18" from the floor to make the birds comfortable and warm.
  3. Raise the heat lamp 6" a week in order to maintain the same comfortable position and that is as they grow bigger, the lamp goes up.
Heat lamps do not warm up the brooder house, but the ray of light does keep the birds warm.

A single heat lamp will accommodate 50 baby chicks. A cluster of four heat lamps will accommodate 325 chicks or 250 turkey poults.