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Temperature and Feed for Turkeys and Chickens

By Miller Hatcheries

Temperature - Temperature - Temperature

  • Chicks require 90E to 92E F at the floor.
  • Turkeys require 95E at the floor
  • For the first 10 days keep chicks and poults confined to a smaller area close to the heat source, food and water.
  • Provide 3" to 4" of fluffy dry litter. Never start chicks or turkeys on paper or any other slippery source.
  • Until birds are moved out, the original litter should be left on the floor and fresh litter should be added to the top. The existing litter can be dried out by the use of lime and frequent stirring.

Use Proper Feed
Chick Feed for Chicks -  Turkey Feed for Turkeys

  • For meat birds, once they are one week old try to regulate how much they eat by feeding smaller portions more often.
  • When feeding farm grains, always provide the proper amount of supplement to give the birds the nutrition they require to perform to their potential.