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Within a few days of receiving your order, we will send you a confirmation. If there is no agent in your area we are still able to supply you with your poultry requirements

Specify Date on which you desire delivery. If we cannot ship on the date you specify, we will book on the closes date available and advise you at one. Please try to place your orders at a minimum of 4 weeks in advance.

Indicate second choice - please specify your second choice of breed [if any] in the space provided. Substitution will not be made unless absolutely necessary.

Terms - Cash in full with order is preferred. We also accept Visa and MasterCard. Where this is not convenient, a minimum deposit of 10% and balance at least 10 days before shipment is acceptable. When ordering through an agent, please pay the agent directly for your order. Where there is no agent, balance must be received prior to shipping date.


Mother Nature has supplied newly hatched chicks, through the egg yolk, all they need to eat and drink for over 72 hours. This enables us to ship chicks safely with 100% live arrival guaranteed to almost every point in Alberta and parts of B.C. and Saskatchewan, through the post office. If you do not have a chick agent in your area, do not hesitate to give us a call. We can deliver chicks to your town safely and at a very reasonable rate for just 8 cents per bird in most cases. Give us a try and the results will be in your favour. If you have any questions on delivery, give us a call at 780-471-1657. Toll free 1-877-344-2442 Fax 780-249-6691

Chicks by Mail

Shipping is now good. Live baby chicks can be shipped more economically via parcel post to almost every point in Alberta, parts of BC and Saskatchewan. No need to worry about transportation cost. The cost is only 17.00 per 100 [minimum $17.00] on day old chicks and poults. We are sorry due to shipping regulations we can no longer ship brooded birds. All prices F.O.B. Edmonton. For shipments other than mail, current rates will apply plus GST. Contact us or your agent.