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In Alberta you may have up to 300 layers without a quota.







White Egg Breed - Miller's Champion White Leghorn

Shell to end of lay - the Best Bird bred anywhere


Miller's Champion White Leghorn will put you ahead of the competition and keep you there because she does everything right.

  • North America's most popular White Egg Layer
  • Produces Large White Eggs
  • Unsurpassed eggshell quality
  • Excellent rate of production for cage or floor birds
  • The best feed conversion in the industry
  • Quieter temperament than ever before!


  • For Immucox Vaccine
  • For Marek's Vaccine
  • For Beak Trimming


Quantities 100 + (ea) 50-99(ea) 25 (ea)  Add $1.00 each under 25
Mixed Sex $1.49 $1.59 $1.74
Pullets $2.42 $2.52 $2.67
Cockerels $0.68 $0.78 $0.93
Prices subject to change without notice


Special Prices for large egg produces improve your bottom line
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