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Brown Egg & Dual Purpose Breed - Brown Leghorn

Give Miller's Champion Brown Leghorn a try.
You will be pleased with the results.


  • Champion Brown's are the world's most balanced Brown Egg Layer
  • Produce approximately 320 eggs per 52 weeks of production
  • Very calm and docile layers that produce large rich brown shelled eggs
  • Pullets are red and cockerels are mostly white to buff in colour
  • Pullets will weigh 4 lbs live and cockerels 5 1/2 lbs live
  • A suitable dual purpose choice.
  • These birds are hybrids; as layers they require 18% layer ration to maintain performance & avoid picking!


  • For Immucox Vaccine
  • For Marek's Vaccine
  • For Beak Trimming


Quantities each 100+ 50-99 25-49Add &1,00 each 1-24
Mixed Sex


$2.02 $2.17
Pullets $2.62 $2.72 $2.87
Cockerels $1.34 $1.44 $1.59
Prices subject to change Without Notice

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