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In Alberta you may have up to 300 layers without a quota.

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Dual Purpose Breeds - Red Rock Cross

Cockerels are similar to Barred Rocks
Pullets are black with a golden neck.


This mating is made up of a flock of Barred Rock females with Rhode Island Red Cockerels. The offspring cockerels will look like a Barred Rock and the offspring pullet will have black feathers with a red neck. We know you will be pleased with the high bred vigor, early maturity, high egg production and heavy body size. This excellent dual purpose bird now produces more eggs!

You can expect:

  • Pullets should weigh 5 1/2 lbs
  • Cockerels should weigh 6 1/2 lbs

*All weights indicated are live weights


Quantities each 100+ 50-99 25-49

Add $1.00 each 1-24

Mixed Sex $2.03 $2.13 $2.28
Pullets $2.77 $2.87 $3.02
Cockerels $1.41 $1.51 $1.66
Prices subject to change Without Notice

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