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In Alberta you may raise up to 2000 broilers per year without quota or permit.







Meat Breeds - Cornish Giants

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This Cornish Giant is an excellent maturing bird and is serving Canada as well as around the world including under-privileged nations with a source of inexpensive protein - this bird can be butchered any time after 8 weeks - you will get a beautiful carcass - fully fleshed - ready for the oven.

What you can expect:

  • This is the bird that can give you 1 pound of meat for 2 lbs of feed
  • Block build ... grow fast... meat in the right places
  • Plump breast conformation ... specially bred for meat
  • Butcher after 8 weeks... will definitely make you money
  • Beautiful Carcass commands a premium price
  • Pullet a layer of large brown eggs


Quantities each 100+ 50-99 25-49

add $1.00 each 1-24

Mixed Sex $1.87 $1.97 $2.12
Pullets $2.17 $2.27 $2.42
Cockerels $2.07 $2.17 $2.32
Prices subject to change Without Notice

Special Prices for large egg produces improve your bottom line
- call us - we will show you the facts. Let's do business.