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Quality Never Costs More

In Alberta you may raise up to 2000 broilers per year without quota or permit.


Feeding Meat Birds

When feeding farm grains always mix 1 part 38% concentrate to
3 parts grain to ensure satisfactory results.





Meat Breeds - Cornish Giants Pullets

Exceptional livability - More profit on your bottom line!


Have the best of both worlds. Raise birds that are bread for meat and still finish anywhere from 4 pounds and up. With less problems than straight run broilers, Cornish Giant pullets are becoming the choice of more and more family farm producers ever year.

The Right Choice for a Lot of Reasons

  • Exceptional livability
  • Reduced Leg problems
  • Excellent feed conversion
  • Higher white meat yield
  • More profit on your bottom line

Helpful Hints-Broilers


Use Cornish Giant Pullets for Cornish Game Hens.

Quantities each 100+ 50-99 25-49

Add $1.00 each1-24

Pullets $2.17 $2.27 $2.42
Prices subject to change Without Notice


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