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In Alberta you may raise up to 2000 broilers per year without quota or permit.







Meat Breeds - Cornish Game Hens

Now Raise Your Own

Now you can raise your own Cornish Game Hens that you have seen and admired in your local supermarket. We will supply you with sexed pullets from a special breeding that will produce for you - a two pound bird in five weeks.

Here's How to Do It

  • Supply them with plenty of 23% broiler starter, fresh water and a large growing area.
  • Be ready to dress them by five to six weeks.
  • They should be over two pounds live weight and dress out between one and two pounds which is ideal for Cornish Game Hens


Quantities Each 100+ 50-99 25-49.

Add $1.00 per bird 1-24

Pullets $2.17 $2.27 $2.42
Prices subject to change Without Notice