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In Alberta you may have up to 300 layers without a quota.

In BC you now required a permit to raise more than 50 turkeys.



In raising turkeys call us if you need advice - we will be pleased to Help.





Miller's Champion Heavy White Turkeys

ORLOPP Bronze Turkeys

Put More meat on your table for less Dollars


The Nicholas Heavy White is different from any other white on the market. It's a white feathered bird with exceptional size and meat characteristics.

The Nicholas Heavy White matures fast and grows BIG to give you the extra Tonnage that pays off the processor - with top feed conversion that pays off on your books! There's no other white that can compare in size and uniformity with the Nicholas White! Buy with confidence - you are getting real good value for your money. Raise as many as you can - fill up your freezer.

Taste the difference in an Orlopp Bronze Turkey. These striking birds have a unique flavor. Once you have tasted a bronze turkey you may never want to go back to the white. A premium broad breasted turkey, the Orlopp Bronze is the product of choice of the most discerning tastes & for the grandest occasions.

Their good feed conversion results in weights up to 23lbs for a hen & 40 lbs for a Tom

You can expect:

  • White Hens at 20 weeks will weigh 20 pounds and over
  • White Toms at 24 weeks will weigh 30 lbs and over

Price:Turkeys sold as Mixed Sex only.

We cannot make adjustments on Turkey Orders of less than 10.

Quantities Each W Min 10 25-49 50-99 100+
Price Each White $5.66 $4.77 $5.02 $5.52
Quantities Each B Min 10 25-49 50-99 100+
Price Each Bronze $8.00 $7.50 $7.25 $7.05
Prices subject to change Without Notice

We cannot ship started birds. Brood orders will be accepted for pickup at the Westlock Hatchery only. For prices on larger quantities phone or email us.