Miller's Champion Red Sussex Cross

or Rhode Island Red (both hens and roosters are red)


Cockerels are similar to Columbian Rocks - Pullets are red - similar to Rhode Island Reds

This heavy breed cross will give you a high bred vigor - early maturity - good egg production - and large body size birds. The flock producing Miller's Champion Red Sussex Cross is made up of a flock of Columbia Rock females headed by Rhode Island Red Cockerels. The offspring Cockerel will look exactly like a Columbian Rock with a slight tinge of red in the feathers. The offspring pullet will look like a Rhode Island Red pullet.

We hope you will be pleasantly pleased with a flock of Miller's Champion Red Sussex Cross. You can expect:
  • Pullets should weigh 5 1/2 lbs.
  • Cockerels should weigh 6 1/2 lbs

*All weights indicated are live weights



Quantities each 100 50 25  under 25 add $1.00 per chick
Mixed Sex $2.03 $2.13 $2.28 $3.28
Pullets $2.77 $2.87 $3.02 $4.02
Cockerels $1.41 $1.51 $1.66 $2.66
Prices subject to change Without Notice