Do you ship to Eastern Canada or the United States?

  • Miller Hatcheries only ships to locations in Western Canada.

Where do I purchase?

  • From Miller Hatcheries directly. Refer to Contact
  • From Agents located in Western Canada.

What is the minimum order for turkey poults and chicks?

  • Turkey poults - minimum 10 with chicks making it up to 25 or 20 poults to be shipped on their own
  • Chicks - minimum 25
  • In order to ship we require a total of 25 chicks/poults

What are your special services?

  • Beak Trimming
  • Brooding Chicks and Turkey Poults
  • Vaccinations Coccidiosis vaccine -Chick starter usually contains has 'amproloium' (an anti-biotic)  against coccidiosis. Unmedicated feed may be fed if the birds receive the vaccine
  • Mareks vaccine is recommended for all layers.