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Beak Trimming
Brooding Chick & Turkey Poults









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Beak Trimming

Helpful Hints for Light Breeds

When mixing light and heavy breeds, it is almost a must that the light breeds (leghorns) be beak trimmed as the heavy breeds are slower feathering and this causes the light breeds to pick on them. Contrary to popular belief, feather picking is not only caused by a lack of any particular type of mineral within their diet; it is frequently an environmental problem such as too much light, too much heat or too crowded

It is very important that you birds feel comfortable.

  • It is not recommended to have large window exposed to the south as excessive light is a major factor causing cannibalism within your flock.
  • Never use white lights during the brooding period.

Brooding Chick & Turkey Poults

Available only for Pickup in Westlock!

The maximum we will brood is 10 days. Place your order early before our brooding capacity is booked up!

For people who may not have the proper facilities to raise chicks and turkey poults, we are pleased to brood. Our brooder rooms are ventilated and heated to the proper temperatures.

All birds receive unmedicated feed in the brooder room


Marek's Vaccine

Now available for Marek's Disease. This vaccination is done by injection at the hatchery when chicks are one day old. Marek's Disease is a common deadly and incurable disease which can be prevented at a low cost.

$0.12 per chick
Minimum charge $12.00

Immucox - Coccidiosis Vaccine

Safe - No Drug Residue - No Withdrawal

Immucox is a natural, effective alternative to anticoccidal drugs. Immucox - one-time vaccination delivers protective immunity throughout the life of the bird. It also improves uniformity of body weight as well as improves feed conversion.

Note: Immucox must not be used if you use medicated feed.

$0.10 per Chick
Minimum Charge $10.00


Beak Trimming
Prevents cannibalism - available on request - see our Price List.


Need Poultry Equipment
Call Seven Oaks Mfg - a division  of Miller Hatcheries Alberta Ltd. at 780-471-1657


An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure
Before you get your birds, clean and disinfect everything - see our Bird Management page for details. For a health bird, vaccinate your chicks using the products described here.


Do not use Immucox Vaccine if...
Immucox must not be used if you use medicated feed.