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Brooding Equipment

Brooding Equipment

BROODER GUARDS - Gives chicks and poults room to exercise but confines them to brooding area. Stops drafts, crowding and piling. Confined area is easily enlarged.

No. 1235, 35’ long, 12” high, each ....... $ 11.50
No. 1835, 35’ long, 18” high, each ....... $14.70

Extra heavy flanged metal back, white enamel, red fluid.
No. 614 Each............ $11.00

4 LAMP BROODER - Supplies enough heat for 325 chicks or 250 poults. 2 stage thermostatic control turns heat bulbs on/off in stages to distribute even heat at chick level
Brower (208-CB).. $276.20
Kuhl (208-C)........... $160.20

No. HL-A8, Less bulb
Each .................... $ 35.80

NoHL-SA8..with hi Low switch Each.......$46.60
RED BULBS No.R40/10/2. (2/pkg) Each......$ 27.80

GAS OR PROPANE BROODER - Burner is designed to save fuel. Designed to produce more heat with less gas consumption due to the unique 2-point infra-red heating unit. Infra-red rays are produced at the ribbon burner and ceramic and become heat only on contact with chicks, litter or equipment. CGA approved. 1000 chick capacity. Galvanized 34” canopy, one piece lifetime ceramic, stainless steel burner.

No. 47JLS & 47JNS. Each .............. $609

Ambient heat. It is often overlooked that the temperature under the heat lamps can be nice and toasty but if the surrounding area is not sufficiently warmed the temperature will 1)drop at night when you are not there to see it and 2) Not allow the birds to sufficiently move around. If they spend all their time under the heat lamps to stay warm then they are not moving around finding feed and water. Have a back up heater keep the surrounding area at 75’ or better. The area the chicks are occupying should not be below 85-95’ depending what you are starting. Measure the temperature furthest from the heat source at chick height.

CHICK AND QUAIL BROODER: An electric brooder for baby poultry or quail. Capacity 125 day-old chicks and up to 50 four-week olds. Quail capacity-100 to fourth week. Use in any building where temperature does not fall below 600F. Sliding poly mesh door panels on front and one side. Includes 3 liter poly bottle drinker and 580 cubic inch poly capacity feeder. Both feeder and drinker fill from outside. Drinker trough is self-cleaning. 1/2" PVC coated wire floor. Dropping pan easily removed for cleaning. Thermostatic control, 250 watts. Overall size-31"W x 36"L x 14"H (interior height 9"). 110V ac only. 54 lbs.

GQF Brooder (shown) 0534............................ $493.60
Brower Brooder (not shown)CQB20........... $622.80