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Guarantee & Returns

We Guarantee

  1. Shipping date specified is only approximate. Shipping date will govern - unless otherwise notified. Please arrange with your Express Office to advise you immediately when shipment arrives.
  2. We guarantee 100% live arrival at your station. If there are any any dead, over the number of extras, included, obtain agent's verification on express slip and forward same to us immediately for adjustment. Claims, if any, are to be received no later than 10 days from date of shipment.
  3. We guarantee 85%, accuracy on all our sexed Champion pullet chick orders. Any sexing errors in chicks should be reported at six weeks in the case of light breeds, and at eight to ten weeks in heavy breeds or as soon as sex can be accurately determined.
  4. We guarantee that all orders for unsexed Champion chicks and poults are filled with chicks and poults as hatched, except for culling, and the number of either sex therein is unknown to us. In order of 100 or more, they may average about 50% of each sex.
  5. We guarantee that all Champion Chicks and Poults are produced from eggs supply by strong, health, Government Approved, pullorum tested, breeding flocks. We cannot assume responsibility for any disease outbreaks after the chicks or poults leave our Premises.
  6. While we exercise every precaution in filling orders, we cannot be for any reason whatsoever responsible to any greater extent than the invoice value of the Chicks or Poults in question.
  7. While we do our best to make shipment on date specified, we accept this order subject to strikes, floods, disease outbreaks, acts of God, or delays beyond our control.
  8. Our guarantee extends only to the original purchaser. We do not accept any responsibility for chicks or poults that are re-sold by the original purchaser to other parties.
  9. Please be sure to feed and water your chicks and poults immediately after you get them home. Our chicks and poults are shipped so that they are ready for feeding on arrival at destination. Whenever possible, be on hand when the shipment arrives and take delivery without delay. Provide proper brooding and rearing conditions and these Champion Chicks and Poults will live and grow and you will have both pleasure and profit from them.


  1. It is agreed and understood that upon delivery at the price designated for delivery by the purchaser, and as shown, the purchaser shall be deemed to have examined and accepted the birds herein referred to.
  2. We cannot for any reason whatsoever be responsible to any greater extent than the invoice value of the chicks or poults.